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Alpha Alternatives is a multi-asset class asset management firm that creates sophisticated investment solutions for proprietary and client capital. In a scenario where alternatives has become an oft-used nomenclature, we focus on creating truly ‘alternative’ alternatives.

We singularly channel our efforts towards identifying niche investment spaces, product innovation and risk management to create alpha. This philosophy is deeply entrenched in our DNA and is reflected in the way we structure our products, our partner relationships and our economics.

We are structured as a partnership between Platform Partners & Entrepreneur Partners. Our Platform Partners are general managers on our platform who bring expertise in non-investment management functions and drive new product development, risk management, legal & compliance support and capital raising across our various products and businesses. Our Entrepreneur Partners are specialists in their particular asset class and have strong track records running their investment strategies, and keep their single-minded focus on alpha generation.

We are currently active in four asset classes and building niche investment solutions in these spaces: commodity markets, equity markets, structured credit, and quantitative strategies. We have a team of over 170 people, and are growing rapidly.

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