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Risk-Return profile for Investment Goals

When it comes to making investment decisions, we believe that asset class is immaterial. Instead, we advocate a goals-based approach to investing:

All investments should be evaluated solely on their risk return streams, and linked back to investor goals.

Enhancing returns without increasing risk requires taking a proprietary-approach to investing.





















Based on our risk-return based thinking, our investment strategies fall under three key investor goals they help achieve:

Goal Based.jpg

Investment Products by Risk-Return profiles

Steady Cash Flow: Regular income stream with capital preservation

Strategy seeks to capture arbitrage opportunities between purely dematerialised commodities in the spot and derivatives markets. Targets steady annual returns of ~8-8.5% at risk-levels comparable to

liquid funds, with an investment

horizon of 3-months, and liquidity

of 48-72 hours.

Absolute Returns: High, predictable return stream with limited drawdown

Equity Absolute Returns (EQAR)

A combination of multiple active non-directional equity investment and trading strategies that aim to generate absolute returns across different market conditions. The strategy targets ~18% annualized returns, with an investment horizon of


Compounders: Long term wealth creation with intermediate significant drawdown

A discretionary, long term, value equity strategy that focuses on investing in quality companies, across market capitalizations, that are available at a significant discount to intrinsic value. The strategy targets ~24% annualized returns, with an investment horizon of ~3 years.

A multi-factor based systematic equity strategy with a quality - value blend, and a hedge overlay to protect against downside risks. The strategy targets ~5%-7% per annum of alpha over the benchmark index, with an investment horizon of ~3 years.

Structured Credit

A strategy that invests in structured and distressed credit opportunities with high asset cover and strong underlying cashflows and uses innovative product structures to hedge enforcement risks. The strategy targets ~18-24% annualized returns, with an investment horizon of ~3 years. 

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