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Alpha Alternatives is an alternatives-only house focusing on sustainable alpha generation through differentiated investment strategies.


We understand that different asset classes and investment styles perform differently at various points in the economic cycle. The alpha that can be generated by combining various strategies and efficient allocation of funds across asset classes is significant. Our biggest strength is in understanding the wide spaces between asset classes and creating a suite of innovative intersecting products.

As asset managers, we believe that we have no right to charge our investors for the returns generated by the market (beta). Therefore, we have multiple levels of ownership of alpha delivery across all our strategies. Further, our fee model reflects this belief – we do not charge any AuM-based fees, only performance-based fees. We find our investment strategies so compelling that we have a large amount of our own proprietary capital invested in our products, thus creating another layer of alignment with our client interests.


We are one of the leading companies active in agricultural value chain. We believe that the agri-commodity industry is at the cusp of a huge evolution. We offer end to end management of physical inventory through our procurement, logistics management, sales and research services. With a strong presence across 8 states and 50+ Mandis across the country, we have built strong business relationships across value chain.


We are an active participant in the Indian equity and equity derivatives markets. We adopt a multi-strategy approach to take advantage of opportunities across the risk-reward spectrum. Our expertise is in fundamental and quantitative research, focus on risk management and trading. Our philosophy is driven by a rigorous analytical approach in all aspects of decision making.


We invest across:

  • Options strategies

  • Long/Short

  • Special situations

  • Quant strategies

  • Long only

Operating Equity

We have created a unique capital-led operating model of investment in equities. We identify and partner with good quality companies with specific strengths in a few areas, but that can be taken further to the next level of growth and profitability with strategic and operating inputs.


We help create value for our portfolio companies by driving operational transformation along the following four cornerstones:

  • Business Strategy

  • Financial Strategy

  • Operational Improvements

  • Capital Markets Interface


We follow a broad mandate to invest across strategies in the credit space to generate high risk-adjusted returns. We invest in currently underserved debt opportunities emerging across sectors and situations through senior secured debt, subordinated debt, mezzanine debt, etc.


We are able to do innovative structuring across collateral (liquid and illiquid) and yield, and provide solutions for:

  • Holistic debt management

  • Distress debt situations

  • Working Capital

  • Trade Finance