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We are a partnership-driven firm which uses proprietary capital to build asset management solutions.

We believe that the market beta is easily available to all investors, and asset management is only about alpha creation. We therefore believe clients should only be charged for the performance that we deliver.

Partnership-driven firm

  • Alpha Alternatives is a platform for investment managers who have strong credentials / track records and an entrepreneurial mindset to join us as Entrepreneur Partners (EP’s).

  • The firm offers the resources of a large organization, paired with the equity-ownership opportunity of an independent/proprietary setup. We provide strategic thought partnership, capital raising, operational backend, risk management, hiring, accounting, regulatory and compliance support. We bring significant scale and expertise to the delivery of non-investment management functions, allowing our talented investment managers to focus on what they do best.

  • The quasi-entrepreneurial status of the fund managers ensures that they only focus on their core expertise in investment management. Their single-minded focus on alpha generation combined with the support of our platform enables the growth of the business, thus resulting in value creation for all stakeholders.

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