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Special Situations (SS)

Event Driven Discretionary PMS

  • Special Situation (SS) trades are based on corporate events including open offers, buybacks, mergers, IPOs, delisting, etc.

  • These opportunities are typically very attractive from a risk-reward perspective, but are sporadic by nature

  • This PMS scheme is structured efficiently to tackle the variable size and timing of opportunities

  • When there are attractive scalable opportunities available, clients have the option to top-up their Committed capital by 10x, as Additional capital, for each opportunity

  • Target gross IRR of 15%+ on Committed capital and 20%+ on Additional capital

  • The scheme has zero fixed fees and high hurdle rates

Types of Events

Special Situation PMS 1.png

Investment Process

Special Situation PMS 1_1.png

Investment Approach

Special Situation PMS 2.png

Additional Capital Mechanism

  • Scheme allows up to 10x of Committed capital to be invested, as Additional capital, when an attractive and scalable opportunity is available 

  • These trades will provide significant upside (Gross XIRR of 20%+)

  • Capital will be returned to investor on event completion

Special Situation PMS 3.png

Risk Management

Special Situation PMS 4.png
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